Hyundai Motor America has announced, but not yet launched, a safety recall to address a potential condition with the electric vehicle (“EV”) lithium-ion (“Li-ion’) battery that could result in a fire in certain model year 2019-2020 Kona EV.

What isthe problem?

The subject vehicles are equipped with battery cells manufactured in the LG Energy Solutions China (Nanjing) plant in which the Anode (Negative) tab can be folded. A folded Anode tab in the battery cell could allow the Lithium plating on the Anode tab to contact the Cathode resulting in an electrical short. An electrical short internally within battery cell(s) increases the risk of a vehicle fire while parked, charging and/or driving.

Hyundai previously issued Recall 196 which provided Hyundai dealers the ability to update software and inspect the lithium-ion battery, and replace if necessary, for Kona EV.  Hyundai is now amending Recall 196 with Recall 200 and add additional remedies. 

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